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Run Flat Tyres

Run Flat tyres are specially designed to allow you to drive for a short distance with a puncture, even when the tyre is completely flat. This is a temporary, emergency measure allowing the driver to get to a safe place to repair or replace the tyre. Run Flat tyres should not be driven above 80km per hour and for no longer than 400 km.

Manufacturers include markings on the tyre tread to identify it as a Run Flat tyre; these differ from one tyre manufacturer to another. Common Run Flat markings include:

  • SSR  –  Continental’s Self Supporting Run Flat Tyres (SSR)
  • ZP  –  Michelin’s Zero Pressure Self Supporting Run Flat Tyres (SSTs).
  • Euforia @ (RSC)  –  Pirelli Run on Flat System Component (RSC)
  • RFT  –  Bridgestone Run Flat Technology (RFT)
  • RSC/RunOnFlat  –  Dunlop Run Flat System Component (RSC)
  • RSC/RunOnFlat  –  Goodyear Run on Flat System Component (RSC)
  • ROF – EMT  –  Goodyear RunOnFlat Extended Mobility Technology (ROF or EMT)

Repair of Run Flat tyres

Wangara Automotive Group does not recommend that Run Flat tyres be repaired after running in a deflated condition as the structural integrity of the tyre could be compromised which could lead to tyre failure.