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Tyre Information

To ensure that Wangara Tyre & Fitment Center gets you safely back on the road as soon as possible there, are a few things we will need to know. Firstly the size of your tyres.

Read the sidewalls of your current tyres. On most tyres, the tyre size information is right on the tyres. An example of this information: “P 205/65 R16 95 V.” The P stands for “passenger tyres,” 205 indicates the width in millimetres, 65 refers to the height of the tyre divided by the width (also known as the aspect ratio), R indicates the radial construction, 16 refers to the diameter of the full tyre in inches, 95 indicates the load rating, and V indicates the speed rating. Load rating is the amount of weight your tyres can support. The number on the tyre corresponds to a specific weight. The speed rating indicates how well the tyre handles at top speeds. Each tyre manufacturer has Load index and speed rating codes specific to their products. Please check the manufacturer’s codes for these.