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Wheel Balancing & Rotation

Wheel balance and rotation are services that are to be performed at specific intervals in the life cycle of a vehicle.  Wangara recommends the balancing to be done every one (1) year or 10,000km  Ignore this maintenance and you can risk vibration and costly irregular tire wear.  On the road, imbalance forces can cause the wheel to hop up and down.  This hopping may cause vibration.  Another cause of vibration is the tire pounding the pavement.  This can cause cupping wear on the tread.  Other causes of tire or wheel imbalance are:

  • Installation of new tyres
  • Rotation of existing tyres.

If your vehicle wheels have not been balanced for too long, let Wangara rotate the tyres and balance the wheels to keep you safe.  We use nothing, but the best digital systems.  Equipped with Hunter Smart weight balancing technology, we solve the balancing problems that ordinary balancing machines cannot solve.

At Wangara Tire & Fitment Center, we eliminate your wheel imbalance vibration and help prevent future irregular tire wear.  Accurate wheel balance is important for your personal safety, so don’t let your tires land you in the hospital.  It costs less than N$100.00 to balance a tyre and it takes a life time to get over the shock of an accident…if you get lucky to live.

Importance of Tyre Rotation

Tires may wear differently depending on suspension condition of the vehicle, driving style of the driver or the tyres’ position on the vehicle.  Regular rotation of your tires helps to evenly distribute tire wear – helping you get the most miles out of your tires while maximizing traction on all four wheels.  The nature of front-wheel-drive vehicles is that front tires tend to wear quicker than rear tires due to added pressure or resistance from  the steering.  Therefore, to get the maximum milage out of your tires, you need to periodically rotate the tires.

Tire Shaking Cure

Wheel balance is always effective in eliminating imbalance forces on a wheel, but in some cases wheel and tire assemblies can have other conditions that may cause vibration.  One such condition is Radial runout.  This condition occurs where the radius of a tire is not consistent from the wheel midpoint to any point in the rim.  Too much radial runout can cause up and down vibrations which can cause serious accidents.  In mild cases runout can cause bumpy rides and up and down hopping.

Some tires can have a condition called Force Variation.  Imagine a tire as a series of springs attached to a hub.  If one of the springs is different from the others, it will make the wheel roll irregularly.  Every time the stiff spot contacts the road, it bumps the wheel up.  At high speeds, this condition causes vibration.  Normal Balancing machines do not detect this condition, however our high tech Road Force balancer detects and fixes this non-balance problems.  The Hunter’s Road Force system equipped is with a road roller.  Each wheel can be tested as if it is rolling down the road.  If problems are detected, we know exactly what to do to correct the problem.