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Wangara Automotive group supplies good quality batteries at best prices.

We look at your car’s battery, the car electrical system and your budget to select the right battery size for you.  We honour all the manufacturer’s warranties for all the batteries we supply.  Our car battery range fits all vehicle types and the battery sizes we carry fit all popular vehicle batteries.

Importance of Batteries to a vehicle

Your car battery is small, but the power that it provides gives vehicles life.  Once the battery is dead, the car is dead.  In order to revive your car, you either have to recharge it or replace the battery.  The battery’s functions are to give your car energy to move as well as provides steady stream of voltage to keep the car’s electricals going throughout the drive and sometimes even when the car is at rest.

When the engine of your car is off, the battery provides the required power to the rest of the system, as well as during start-up.  Similarly, when your vehicle is experiencing high energy demand, batteries assist in providing the required extra power.