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NATIS Pre-Inspection

Roadworthy Vehicle Inspection

In Namibia, vehicles that are used for public transport  or heavy vehicles are tested for roadworthiness  every year, while  personal vehicles are considered roadworthy until they change ownership.  The process of obtaining a roadworthy certificate can be long, and is very thorough.  If there are items on your vehicle that are not in good condition, you will be sent back to come back at a different time once the vehicle errors have been rectified.

Vehicles can also be tested at Wangara for the purpose of ensuring that your vehicle is still safe for you and your family.


At Wangara Tyre and Fitment Center,  we inspect your vehicle for the following:

Oil leakage Accelerator/throttle control Seat belts
Lights Windscreen wiper/washers Mirrors
Foot brake Driving Control, position/visibility Sunvisors
Park brake Exhaust system Gear change mechanism
Steering Clutch Doors, windows and bodywork Speedometer and odometer operation
Suspension Seats Glazing and forward vision through the windscreen
Engine does not stall at idle

Once tested, you will be assured that your long wait at NATIS will not be repeated